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        • Remuneration

          1.The company offers competitive salary, and increases salary every year on annual meeting.

          2.Salary is paid before 15th of each month.

          3.20% of the company’s net profit is distributed to all employees by the end of a year within the company.

        • Welfare

          1.Social insurance and public accumulation funds will be paid for all employees;

          2.Double holidays on weekends for domestic employees, state holidays are granted; overseas employees will rest on the holidays of that country.

          3.Phone and traffic allowance: both phone and traffic allowance are granted for domestic employee, phone allowance is given to overseas employee.

          4.Accommodation: free lunch for domestic employee, free meals and accommodation for overseas employee.

          5.Holidays: overseas workers have 30 days holiday back in China every 12 months. Directors and managers could be home 15 days every 6 months; department managers who had worked in the company for more than 2 years, can have 20 days holiday back in China every 8 months.

          6.Overseas insurance: up to 1.2 million overseas insurance is paid to overseas employees.

          7.Festival cash gift: festival solatium gift is paid on mid-autumn festivals and spring festivals.

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