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        Prorich Group as an international group company was founded on January 1, 1998 . The company's business includes: processing and manufacturing of domestic paper, mining and mining of construction sand, processing and manufacturing of cashew nuts, sesame as the main production,agricultural product trade,information consulting services and customs clearance services.

        Our company devoted to overseas development, with main business in Africa. The Accra, Ghana factory was established in 1999, then we focused our business in Nigeria, and invested factory in Lagos in 2003, which is the economical capital of Nigeria. The company's business in Africa continued to expand, and it began to enter Benin in 2018, and established the Prorich Alliance Investment Group in Benin.

        Through indefatigable endeavor and perseverance, the company went through great development and growth, the following companies are founded successively:

        • Shifa Plastic Industry Company (Ghana) Limited

        • Shifa Plastic Industry Company (Nigeria) Limited

        • Prorich Products Nigeria Limited

        • FC Energy Nigeria Company Limited

        • Prorich Alliance Investment Nigeria Limited

        • Prorich Construction Company Nigeria Limited

        The main products and business of the company are in three areas:

        The first is paper products. We manufacture tissue paper, mainly of big jumbo toilet tissue paper and finished toilet tissue paper, paper mechanical equipment and finished toilet tissue paper mechanical equipment.

        The second is sand dredging and construction sand sales, including sand dredging and construction sand sales, manufacturing of dredging equipment, dredging equipment spare parts sales, construction equipment and diesel engine maintenance services.

        The third is International trade. The company exports agricultural products from Africa, mainly of cashew nuts and sesame. The products are purchased directly from planting base in Africa and export to Vietnam, China and other countries. We also import paper manufacturing equipment, paper production chemicals, agricultural machine, jumbo paper, loaders and other products from China to meet what Nigerian clients need. In Nigeria, the company’s own warehouses are being used as storage base or logistic transferring base, with customs clearance company, it’s very advantageous to the International business.

        Paper Products

        Sand Dredging for Construction

        International Trade

        Prorich Group aims at building a central network of Sino-foreign trade, founding and expanding the worldwide market. Becoming one of the best international group in manufacturing, trade and service with its excellent management team, advanced technology and well-deserved reputation.

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